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Our Story

The year was 1909.  Fifty-one men and one woman from Sevier County saw a need and pooled their money together, $30,000 to be exact, to establish a bank.  They called this new bank Sevier County Bank.

Imagine life in that day and time... 

In 1909: a postage stamp cost only 2 cents; The NAACP was founded; William Howard Taft was President of the United States; and, The North Pole was "discovered".

Here comes the real kicker though...Sevier County wasn't even a tourist town then!  Most of the folks who lived here were farmers that made a living working the land.  Almost every family had livestock and was pretty self-sufficient.  Children played outside, together, in the street, after dark, unattended- and it was ok.  They were also taught to be responsible and had daily chores to do such as milking cows in the morning before school time.

Downtown Sevierville had stores, like K. Rawlings Furniture and Sevierville Grain & Feed Co. 

In 1910, Sevier County Bank built downtown Sevierville's only three story business building (other than the courthouse.)  Grand total cost of this completely furnished red-brick banking house- $7,544.35!

It's hard to imagine life in that time with Sevier County being filled with such hustle and bustle these days.  Those of us who were fortunate to grow up here though are reminded of those days through recollections of memories from family members.  And oh what interesting (& entertaining) stories they can tell!

See the rest of Sevier County Bank's story in our special 100th anniversary book, Treasured Memories, which was compiled/written by Patsy Galyon Bradford.  Our story is also told on a special edition DVD (by Bill Landry Productions) entitled, Sevier County Bank: The 100th Anniversary: Deep Roots of Sevier County.

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