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What are SCB E-Statements?

SCB E-Statements are one of the newest products we offer and they help to save our environment ~ GO GREEN.  Your monthly account statement is sent to you via secure e-mail rather than postal mail.  This service is fast, secure & convenient.  Once viewed, you can choose to save your e-statement to your computer and/or print.  Your e-statement is available through this secure e-mail for 60 days.  It can also be accessed through SCB Banking Online for up to 120 days.  Donít forget, your check images are also a part of this monthly e-statement.  The best part of all, itís FREE to our SCB Banking Online customers!

Here are just a few common questions you may have about SCB E-Statements:

          Does my computer need any special software to receive e-statements?
  All you need to receive e-statements is an e-mail address and Adobe Reader 6.0 (or higher).

     Do e-statements really arrive quicker than mailed ones?
        Yes!  Your e-statement notification will be sent to your e-mail the night your statement is produced. Mail could take 2-3 days, or longer.

          Are SCB E-Statements more secure than regular statements?
  Yes, they are more secure.  Unfortunately this is due to the increase in mail fraud and identity theft in our society.  Receiving e-statements through secure e-mail is a method that can help to protect your important account information from ending up in the wrong hands.

          How much is this service going to cost me?
          SCB E-Statement service is FREE.  You must enroll in SCB Banking Online however to view your e-statement via our online banking service, but this is FREE also.

     What if I have a question about enrollment or need assistance with SCB Banking Online?
We will be happy to assist you!  During banking hours, call (865)453-6101 and ask to be connected to the Electronic Banking Department, stop by any one of our seven convenient locations, or click here to contact us via e-mail anytime.  (Please remember to choose the Secure E-mail option if you include any account and/or identity sensitive information in your message).

How do I get started?
   To sign up for SCB E-Statements, you must first enroll in SCB Banking Online.  
Once enrolled, select the E-Statements tab- and youíre set!

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