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SCB Certificates of Deposits & IRAs

Start saving today for all of your tomorrows- open a SCB CD or IRA today!


  • $1,000 minimum investment 12 to 60 month terms
  • $5,000 minimum investment 3 to 6 month terms
  • Interest earned is either conveniently added back to the certificate or credited directly to your SCB checking or savings account
  • Interest can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annually
  • Substantial penalties applied for early withdrawal
  • Certificates may be used as collateral for loans without losing interest on the CD or paying a penalty


  • Traditional and Roth IRA Accounts
  • 18 - 60 month terms
  • Fixed and Variable Rates available


The Coverdell Education Savings Account exists to help with the education expenses of children and can be established at birth for any education they receive until the age of 30.  This is a non-deductible account with no tax due on interest and no penalty for qualified distributions (up to $2,000 per year).

(All accounts require a minimum opening balance.)

For more information on any of the accounts listed above, 
please give us a call or stop by any branch. 

(Please keep in mind that when you open a new account with Sevier County Bank you will be asked to provide identifying information.  This is due to banking regulations that followed the attacks on 9-11.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you.  This identifying information however is essential for our records and beneficial to you the customer as it assists us in knowing you better and helps protect you from the ever increasing number of banking scams that involve identity theft.)
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